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Jim Evans, a solar panel cleaner in Arizona, has a patent pending on this water-applying scrubbing brush.
Jim Evans uses a solar-powered water pump on his electric wagon to clean an array near Tucson.
Urban Health Plan's solar wall in the Bronx, NYC.
Deer Park train station parking lot on Long Island, NY. Built by Baja Carports.
Mobile home park in Long Beach, Calif., with solar carports built by Baja.
Ground view of solar carports built by Baja at a mobile home park in Long Beach, Calif.
Solar installation at Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center in Bakersfield, Calif. Built by Baja Carports.
Solar carports under construction in New Jersey.
Farmer Aaron Lehman has a solar array atop his barn in Iowa.
American Solar installed this cross-shaped array atop St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Belvedere, Calif.
One of two arrays atop a Nazareth Housing building in NYC's Lower East Side.
David Baionno's neighbor in New Jersey is the 20 MW Pilesgrove solar array.
Utility-scale array in Tucson, Ariz.